Why Immortal Pie?
Why pie at all, right? A pie, by the way, is not just a thing to eat after turkey, a way to use up U-Pick berries, or (heaven forbid!) made with a crust from the freezer section. Sure, there's a bit of the comfort food/grandma connection, and many argue for its all-Americanness (though given the galette, tart, crostata, empanada and pasty that seems a bit of a stretch) but there's something else to it. Making a pie is a process, a journey if you will. Like all journeys it's never the same each time, a lot can depend on the weather, and there are infinite possibilities. I've always been a fan of the journey during times of turmoil and uncertainty. I've also been a fan during times of growth, exploration, and all around contentment. In that spirit we created this shop. Call it a pie Odyssey. No, that's too dramatic. Let's stick with Immortal Pie.

About Us
Morgan Ennis spent the first ten years of her life in the American South, mostly Louisiana, where the pot pie is ubiquitous and the sweet pie a common part of life. Her grandmother passed on the crust recipe that became the basis of all the pies made at Immortal Pie and Larder. She has lived in the Northwest for the past twenty-five years (not including a three year stint in San Francisco where she graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in English), and she can’t think of anywhere better to live. Morgan met her husband and now co-owner, Andrew Ennis, while attending culinary school in Portland. She spent the next few years working at a few different wineries in the Willamette Valley, as well as a local wine shop. She also holds an advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Morgan and Andy have a daughter together and love that they can walk to the shop from home.

Andrew Ennis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved to the Northwest while in elementary school. He began working in Seattle restaurant kitchens at 15 and continued to do so until moving to Portland many years later. He is a graduate of Portland State University and is a tireless pie supporter. He prefers beer to wine and biking to driving.

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